Kale Ekmek, master hands of the Black Sea, which doesn't leave the natural products and flavour... We are always with you by our 41 years experience in Turkish Food sector, widespread sales point, powerful distribution and now our new catering service... We feel honored for serving you with our different flavour and filling menus...

Besides our collected meal service, our other special menus are ready for all your feast and organization, they are prepared as to your invitiation type, organized place and sort of your guests... We are in the service of you for make private your invitiations by appropriate presantation and decoration alternatives.

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Kale pastry and desserts are the result of talent, inspiration and good supplies. When a pastry comes in to the room, it's one of the most beautiful memory in life. And we are trying to serve you the best for making these moments unforgettable by not make concessions our lasting 41 years flavour trafition and quality.

All our products are producing with fully natural supplies and all of them are handmade and standardized.

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KALE EKMEK ve GIDA SANAYI TIC. LTD. STI. "Ridvan Yolgormez and His Children's Company"
Main Office: 174 Sokak No: 25 Hatay IZMIR +90 232 232 99 50 - 243 57 56